"IMPORTANT: It has been brought to our attention that several people are being contacted by someone using an Outlook account, claiming to be Maryam Taher, or a representative of this firm, working for the Royal Bank of Scotland, in a matter related to the financial estate of a deceased person. This is not a genuine representative of this firm. All genuine M Taher & Co employees utilise email addresses with an @mtaher.com domain suffix. Please report any such contact to local law enforcement and, where appropriate, your email service provider."

Why choose Us

Some of the reasons why our clients instruct us are:

  • We offer a fast, efficient, consistent and cost effective service.
  • We are a relationship-driven practice where every client really matters however large or small.
  • We always listen to our clients and cater to their needs.
  • We devise flexible and creative solutions to challenging problems.
  • At all times we keep our clients engaged through open and honest discussion.
  • Our expertise in our specialist areas are complimentary and of the highest standard.
  • In working across different time zones around the world we offer a 24 hour service.
  • Our relationships with lawyers who work with us in different jurisdictions are close and collaborative.
  • In dispute related matters we devise preventative strategies aimed at resolution.
  • We are a collegiate and supportive firm which works very well together.

The Team

We are an international law firm based in the Lloyds Building, the world's leading centre for insurance, in the heart of the financial district in the City of London.

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