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Sanctions’ shifting sands?

Maryam Taher was recently interviewed by WorldECR, the worldwide journal on export controls and sanctions, where Maryam discussed, among other topics, this firm’s work in relation to challenging European sanctions, the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, various aspects of the impact on Iran, a perceived shift in the European Court and the wider geopolitical scene.
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Volcafe v CSAV [2018] UKSC 61 - what changes are needed?

Introduction This landmark case concerns the burden of proof under rule 2 of Articles III and IV of the Hague/Hague-Visby Rules. Footnoting these above a sketch of the facts and the lower courts’ judgments, we first ...
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FOSFA – new Arbitration Rules

We here quickly mention the new Arbitration Rules which apply to all FOSFA references under contracts concluded on or after 1 April this year. Among changes for first tier structure, deposit payments and filing submissions, the main revision is as regards time limits. Claims as to quality and/or condition The deadline is now 90 consecutive days: from completion of discharge ...
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Remember, remember the 5th of November ...

The 12 October decision in Mamancochet Mining v Aegis ([2018] EWHC 2643 (Comm)) has created interest and extensive commentary, some of which might suggest that it has made it generally easier to pay insurance claims to Iranian bodies. But it has not, and what may seem a significant decision is presently still a narrow one. The policy covered a steel cargo ...
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